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Built in 1898, Odd Fellow – Rebekah Home’s original building was part of a private community consisting of a farm, housing for staff, and “The Old Folks Home.” The old 3-story building was torn down and replaced in 1976 with our current single-story building. The Alzheimer’s unit was added in 1996. Our facility is owned by the Odd Fellows Organization and the Rebekah Assembly of Illinois and is operated by Heritage Enterprises.

The "Odd Fellow-Rebekah Home" in Mattoon, Illinois, is a senior living facility with a focus on skilled nursing, RESTORE therapy, and 42 beds. Established in 1898, the original building was part of a private community, including a farm and housing for staff, known as the "Old Folks Home". This institution has historical significance as Odd Fellowship became the first organization to provide homes for elderly members and orphaned children.

Odd Fellow-Rebekah Home is a large facility with 162 beds, offering various levels of care, including assisted living and nursing homes. It operates as a nonprofit entity with corporate ownership. For those seeking senior living communities in Mattoon, Odd Fellows-Rebekah Home provides options based on individual needs and budget considerations.

Image Original Old Folks Home
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Image Current Old Folks Home
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